Apexco Pump, ISTANBUL, Turkey

Founded in 2017 our company is producing by APEXCO brand 316, 316L and 304 stainless steel, single stage and 2 stages centrifugal pumps also we can produce open impeller centrifugal pumps, closed impeller centrifugal pumps or half close impeller centrifugal pumps with more than 15 years experiance. We continue to consolidate our market position via supplaying %100 of row materials form the local market and we don’t make concessions our production quality politicies. Facility is located in Istanbul, to provide faster supplaying we are keeping uninstalled pump stock in our hand and we continue to expend our marketing organisation all over of country. Via this way, we attend to introduce dynamic production ability. We are kindly introduce the pumps produced by strickly tested in every stage of the production with the our politicy of “%100 smoothly products”. You can check our website for detailed information. Thank you.