Turker is an Istanbul-based Producer, Liveact. Embellishing synth, bass and arpeggios with ethnic tones and
modern rhythm forms his unique style. In 2015, he earnt his degree in sound engineering from Galatasaray ITM
(Communication Technology Music Academy). In 2017, he started to work as a trainer, arranger and producer in
Master House studio.


In 2018, he launched his current production, the “Turker” project. He per formed in many Turkish venues in
cities including Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara and Bursa. In a collaboration with Soulrevue & Artenotte in istanbul, he
hosted events in night clubs such as Mentha, Anton Peran, W Istanbul.
In 2019, he signed a contract with various important record companies (Artvibes, Leveldva, Zehn Records), and
released his single ʻGarden of Soulsʼ on February 25. After a long preparation phase to culminate his live
performances, Turker went onto his first music tour in Turkey around this time.


He shared the same stage with
numerous artists (Oceanvs Orientalis, Teenage Mutants, Dizharmonia, Monality, Paji, İslandman and more) in Just
Break festival, Cyro festival and Pixel Ankara, Riff Ankara. During this time his live performances started to
draw attention, and he used this momentum to release his first EP called ‘Poljem Se Vija’ on June 20.


His best live performance is considered to be his collaboration with Satori in a 2019 event ʻBurn Energy
Drink Presents : SATORI (Live) Rooftop.ʼ In this live performance consisting entirely of his original songs,
remixes and editions, he combined synthesizers, drumpads, launchpads and modern rhythms with amultitude of
ethnic instruments to offer a whole new experience.
At the end of Summer 2019, he released new singles from
Leveldva Records and Artvibes records.


On the day of the
release of the new single, “Elements”, published by Art Vibes,
was able to enter Beaport’s the Electronica / Downtempo
Top100 Charts. Turker has already started to work on in his
new album for the upcoming year and continues to perfom in
the organizations with his constantly changing and improving
his live performance. Click to download TURKER PRESKIT and TURKER RIDER files. See you!